A proven circulation and revenue development program for community newspapers.


Sell new subscriptions, retain current subscribers far past their expiration dates, and put CASH in your pocket by offering a Hometown Sweepstakes through your newspaper!


Our 3,000 circulation rural weekly generates around $20,000 in each Hometown Sweepstakes promotion. To learn how to bring this success to your newspaper, read the following and then contact us to put Hometown Sweepstakes to work for you!

Call us toll-free at (800) 683-4505.

Watch for our CRASH COURSE seminars that teach you everything you need to know to run your own circulation sweepstakes. To be notified of our next CRASH COURSE in your state, e-mail us your name and location.

Need a training session that always pays you back?

Book Hometown Sweepstakes at your next corporate in-service or state press association convention seminar. Participants will learn the Crash Course plus get free phone support for their first sweepstakes project. Booking fee for one or multiple same-day groups is $2,500 plus travel/lodging. State press associations $1,500. E-mail us for details.

Need a great retention strategy? See bottom of page for FREE pdf downloads.


What is a Hometown Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes promotions have been used by results-oriented marketing organizations like Publishers Clearinghouse to sell national magazine subscriptions for decades. Hometown Sweepstakes has developed and adapted these same principles over more than a decade to generate amazing success for community newspapers. Because the promotion is focused solely in your market and on your former subscribers from outside the area, each person who plays has a far, far better chance of winning than in the national sweepstakes. That's the big difference with Hometown Sweepstakes... the entire promotion is local.


How do I make money with a Hometown Sweepstakes?

You make money with Hometown Sweepstakes by selling new subscriptions with a creative and HOT offer, extending present subscribers (thus staving off attrition), and by using our proven coupon method as an add-on sale to let advertisers cover your initial costs. You offer a premium (we suggest offering 2 months of the paper for free), plus the fun and chance of winning the cash prize contest, and the orders come pouring in. After 18 years of sweepstakes promotion experience with Hometown Sweepstakes, we find between 35% and 50% of the returns make a purchase of some kind.


Is it legal?

By all means. Programs administered by Hometown Sweepstakes follow all federal sweepstakes regulations and restrictions, as well as any additional laws in your state.


How do you help me promote my own sweepstakes?

With a step-by-step program manual and a complete work calendar customized to your timetables, Hometown Sweepstakes walks you through the entire 6-week promotion from start-to-finish and monitors your progress throughout the term. We provide a range of customized promotional materials (ads, window flyers, outdoor signage, table tents, placemats, etc.), and customized pre-produced formats for all your entry materials as well as other layout services. We can handle all printing of your materials and customize their sales messages to your newspaper.


What does it cost?

You pay costs of printing of your entry materials and providing sweepstakes prizes, as well as some postage to reach out-of-area subscription prospects. Hometown Sweepstakes charges a commission of 12% of your gross sales (7.5% if you purchase your printing materials from us) on the first promotion, balance due on prize announcement day after you have collected your paid subscription orders. Our commission covers all costs of instruction, the proven promotional package of customized ad PDFs and complete support for your project from start to finish.

As a Hometown Sweepstakes customer you pay our commission only once, and gain rights to use Hometown Sweepstakes without fee and with free phone support at any time in the future.



What about the guarantee?

If at the end of your Hometown Sweepstakes you're dissatisfied with its performance for any reason, you pay no commission. Our guarantee is in writing, and a part of our contract with each newspaper client.


Want to know more?

For a no-cost, no-obligation projection of the performance of a Hometown Sweeptakes at your specific newspaper, download this one-page form, complete the information, and FAX to the number included. Your cost/revenue projection will be based on the information you submit and on statistical averages of all our previous clients.


If you have other questions, email us or call us toll-free at (800) 683-4505, or contact our references.


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